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Rhino Skin of Advanced is used to increase the stiffness of the cell walls, making the trunks of your plants stronger. It has a high content of potassium silicate, 1-7-17 which reinvigorates the plant...
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Rhino Skin by Advanced Nutrients is an additive that increases the size of the plant cells from the walls and helps plants to be more resistant.

Rhino Skin has a high content of potassium silicate (1-7-17) that invigorates the plants exposed to stress conditions, for example if the plants are highly exposed to heat, long periods of drought or have had to deal
with parassitic infestations . It makes the cell walls stronger.

Rhino Skin makes your plants more resistant to insect attacks

Plants take silicon in their cells hardening the cell walls to discourage chewing insects, also with stronger cell walls, the plant can survive even in less than optimal conditions.

This product is part of the new line of Advanced Nutrients with self-stabilizing ph.

USAGE AND DOSAGE: Use 2 ml per liter from the first to the sixth week of the flowering phase. Ideal to invigorate seedlings
after the transfer, for cloning or at the beginning of the vegetative stage. Suitable for hydroponic or soil cultivation


Product list Advanced Nutrients
Doses 2ml/L
Manufacturer Advanced Nutrients
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