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Nirvana is a stimulator of Advanced Nutrients, 100% from organic flowering . It is a biocatalyzer based on amino acids and derived from extracts of yeast and endogenous hormones. It allows a rich flow...
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Lush and safe flowering with this completely organic stimulator

The Nirvana of Advanced Nutrients is a 100% organic flowering stimulator completely natural that will bring harmony in your growing area.

It is a biocatalyzer and a stimulator based on amino acids, derived from 4 different yeast extracts and natural endogenous hormones of laminaria and medical herbs.

It has a stimulating action due to the hormones as well as a metabolsim regulator to allow your plants give an excellent flowering. Nirvana increases the cellular growth either in terms of volume or the growth speed.

NIRVANA BENEFITS Organic Bloom Booster, growth intensifying

  • it maximizes thE yield
  • it gives more value to your crop
  • it provides nutrients for fast cellular multiplication, for lush flowerings
  • it increases the energy and the plants metabolism
  • It increases the distribution and absorption of the nutrients

DIFFICULTY LEVEL: expert and professional growers

TYPE OF GROWING: Suitable for all types of cultivation: hydroponics, aeroponics, soil, coconut, bio, etc..

Use: During the flowering stage, cloning, when plants are under stress, use 2 ml per liter from the third to the sixth week of the flowering phase.

Size: 500ML

Nirvana is completely biological, so it holds your flowers and fruits safe!


For more information visit the new guide for indoor growing.

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Manufacturer Advanced Nutrients
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