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Jungle Juice Grow of ADV Nutrients provides nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other necessary secondary minerals for all kind of plants we grow to flourish during the important vegetative stage.
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All The Nutrients the Plants Need

Jungle Juice Grow, Micro and Bloom is a well-advanced formula of basic nutrients specifically designed for crops that use coconut fiber or clay as a substrate.

Jungle Juice Grow is part of a tri-component fertilizer (3 parts) of Advanced Nutrients, designed for the flowering phase.

Nutrients for a hydroponic growth

Jungle Juice Grow Of ADV Nutrients supplies nitrogen, potassium and secondary necessary minerals for all types of plants we grow in order to flourish during the important vegetative stage.

Suitable for any hydroponic crop

The whole line Jungle Juice of ADV Nutrients is designed for use with any hydroponic technique, aeroponic one, drip, NFT, DWC and soilless crops with inert substrate.

Usage & Dosage: Throughout the growth stage 4ml/L. In combination with Jungle Juice Grow, Micro and Bloom (3-Part) follow the attached table provided.

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Adv Nutrients - Jungle Juice Grow 5L - € 31,90

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