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CarboLoad 5l is an organic liquid fertilizer completely natural, which can be used in all kinds of substrate. A recharge of carbohydrates fundamental which plants use to produce flowers and fruits.
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A completely natural recharger of carbohydrates for the flowering stage

CarboLoad 5L has been specifically designed to increase the sugar and starch content of the plants.

A Booster for the flowers and fruit

Carboload provides the exact amount and intake of simple and complex carbohydrates to fulfil the needs of the plant and improve its flowering. It is designed to increase the harvest, as during the critical flowering stage, plants use their carbohydrate reserves to produce fruit.

It can be used in horticulture and for food use plants.

DOSAGE AND USE: Suitable for all the flowering period and also for the growth/vegetative stage, 2 ml per liter of water.
For use with Piranha and Tarantula 2 ml/liter.


Product list Advanced Nutrients
Manufacturer Advanced Nutrients
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