Adv Nutrients - True Iguana Juice Organic Grow 1L

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For a strong rooting and a lively vegetative

If you are growing organically, then you need Iguana Juice Organic ™ OIM because it is the only 100% organic 1 part basic nutrient specifically formulated with a diverse spectrum of primary, secondary and amino-chelated micronutrients.

True Iguana Juice Organic ™ OIM Grow contains the essential elements in the precise ratios and concentrations necessary for strong rooting and lively vegetative growth.

True Iguana Juice Organic ™ OIM Bloom has the precise ratios and concentrations of ingredients needed for truly amazing and abundant yields.

Additionally, our proprietary quadrafilter manufacturing process ensures Iguana Juice Organic OIM is free of all emitter-clogging particles, giving you an organic formulation that flows easily and doesn't turn to mud in any hydroponic system. And it couldn't be easier to use - just measure the amount of label and pour, as it's only part of it.

The only one component 100% organic IOM basic nutrient that contains all the macro, secondary and micronutrients plus other cofactors needed for optimal growth and yields Contains freshwater liquid fish hydrolyzate and yeast extract chock full of macronutrients, micronutrients, minerals, vitamins and 20 L-amino acids which are the building blocks of plant growth Maximizes both plant growth and flowering by providing vital plant-derived chelated micronutrients It gradually provides all the nutrients your plant needs over a long period of time to ensure their full availability during the vegetative and flowering cycles. Contains lignosulfonates to prevent nutrient aggregation and increase effective absorption 100% organic IOM certified With Iguana Juice Organic ™ OIM, you never have to worry about synthetic ingredients or inorganic contaminants sneaking in, because it is 100% IOM certified organic.

You may already know this, but other companies may claim to have "organic" products, but they are not registered with the OIM (Organic Input Material) program, the highly coveted and highly regulated program run by the California Department of Food and Agriculture that certifies fertilizers and supplements. organic for use in organic crops and food production. This is incredibly important, because the high-value plants you grow are meant for human consumption. This means that if you are claiming that your crops were grown with 100% organic fertilizers and supplements, it is your responsibility to make sure this is true. Because the health of your consumers is in your hands. And when you grow with IOM certified organic products like Iguana Juice Organic IOM, you have that certainty you can pass on to consumers.


Soil Si
Hydroponics No
Coco No
Growth Yes
Flower No
Root Booster No
Flower Stimulator No
Format Liquid
Manufacturer Advanced Nutrients

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