Kit Grow Box 1mt


Lighiting Kit

If you don’t already have one , choose a lighting kit for cultivation inside the Silverbox grow room.


Choose a timer to automatically time your lighting kit.

Hot/Stale Air Extraction

It’s always preferable to maintain a good air recycling system inside the grow room and to expel the hot air produced by the lighting kit with the help of an air extractor.


Odor control

To avoid that odours present in the grow room disperse in to surrounding areas, use a carbon filter.


Monitoring Temperature/Humidity

Always keep an eye on the temperature and humidity.

Measuring And Controlling Temperature/Humidity

Very high temperatures can damage the cultivation, use a thermostat or a climate controller to make the hot air extractor start up when high temperatures are reached.

CO2 Release

The release and integration of Co2 can be decisive during the flowering period of your cultivation. If you want to integrate Co2, choose an integrator kit.


A few useful, optional accessories to facilitate use in the grow box.

Books & Guides

A free, 36 page guide to learn the ABC of cultivation.


The instructions to assemble the grow room are always included.

TOTAL 204,91 €

Included in your Kit:
  • Mammoth Lite 100 + - 100x100x180cm - Grow Box
  • BLAUBERG BI-Turbo 10cm + cable - 187m³/h
  • 2x Clips 10cm
  • Carbon Filter 10cm (175m3/h)
  • Flexible Ducting aluminium diam. 10cm - 5mt