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Low maintenance passive hydroponic system, with no current and noiseless

XL Pot Kit system - is a passive sub-irrigation system AutoPot, usable for medium and large plants, for plants where the density of plants is reduced to 2/4 plants per square meter.

Automatic and noiseless sub-irrigation without maintenance

It is a popular passive system of noiseless irrigation, for sub-irrigation, consisting of a special 25-liter flat tray for AQUAValve. The XL Pot Kit system is powered by a tank that carries the water or nutrient solution to the AQUAValve through the irrigation network, which automatically regulates the flow of water by irrigating the bottom of the pot as necessary. The innovative ACQUAValve valve stops the flow until it has been completely absorbed by the plants. At that point it makes the solution at the base of the vessel flow again, continuing this circle to infinity.

This system keeps plants watered without watering for weeks, ideal for providing the right amount of water to cultivation while you're away.

The passive modular hydroponic system that works without electricity

The XL Pot Kit system is based on the automation of the AQUAValve valve that does not need electricity, timers and pumps to operate. The system is easily extendable by connecting other vessels to a single reservoir.

Grow your favorite plants with water-saving AutoPot XL Pot Kit

The system is simple, clean and complete with everything you need to grow indoor and outdoor plants:

  • 1 tank
  • Square Vases AutoPot 25L
  • Supports for vases
  • AQUAValve
  • Tubes and accessories

We recommend using a light and oxygenated substrate such as coconut, earth mix with perlite (50:50), expanded citrus or brittle rock wool to maximize the potential of the AutoPot XL Pot Kit.

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