Mammoth Neon TCL 36W 2700K - bloom



Mammoth Neon TCL 36W 2700K at a low energy consumption with red/orange spectrum for the bloom and fruit bearing phase. Perfect for small indoor cultivation. The high efficiency and the very low energy...
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Low consumption neon tube for the bloom phase

Mammoth Neon TCL 36W 2700K for bloom phase. With red/orange spectrum for bloom and fruit bearing.

  • Lumens: 2400

Low cost bulb for the bloom phase

The Neon TCL lamps Mammoth are the most perfect for a small cultivation. The high efficiency and the very low energy consumption make this lamp a a very interesting object for the indoor gardening passionates. These lamps are available in three different intensities and three spectrums of colour for each phase of a plant life (growth, flowering, rooting).


Manufacturer Mammoth
Lumen 2400 lm
Length 39,5 Cm
Watt 36 W
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