Vaporesso Aurora ceramic coil - 1.4 ohm



Vaporesso Aurora ceramic coil - 1.4 ohm is able to give cleaner, more real and intense flavors, producing more steam
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High performance replacement coil

Vaporesso Aurora ceramic coil - 1.4 ohm is built with high quality materials and impeccable detail in detail, the Vaporesso cCell-GD ceramic atomizer features a two-layer shift method. The vertical reel to the core is surrounded by a porous ceramic cylinder, which is then wound with a cotton organic sleeve to provide auxiliary sliding support. The wax-ceramic packaging is housed in a 24K gold plated frame, with three holes located on the surface for maximum saturation of denser VG fluids.

1.4ohm Coil Features

In addition to being high temperature resistant, the Vaporesso cCells have the following characteristics:

  • Wick porous ceramic
  • Vertical coil covered in stainless steel
  • Head of 24K gold plated atomizer
  • Three holes on the chassis for liquids
  • No dry shot
  • Self-cleaning atomiser
  • Pure, intense and consistent flavor
  • It maintains the original aroma of e-liquid
  • It almost doubles standard coil lifetime
  • ROH and MSDS approved for your safety
  • Designed exclusively for the Vaporess Aurora tank
  • Compatible with Aurora Vaporess

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