Plant Magic - Platinum PK 9-18 300ml

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Plant Magic - Platinum PK 9-18, a contribution of phosphorus and potassium for a lush and exquisite quality bloom.
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Phosphorus and Potassium for a lush bloom

Plant Magic Platinum PK 9-18 for a phosphorous and potassium intake to have a lush and exquisite quality blooming. Plant Magic Platinum is a PK concentrate for flowering with the difference, compared to most PK producers on the market, which contains the double amount of potassium and phosphorus, to make the flowers and fruits express their full potential, often allowing the fruits to develop a dense structure, thus improving the flavor and aroma. In addition to the standard NPK, Platinum is rich in beneficial bio-stimulating complexes, amino acids and high levels of sulfur, helping to make Platinum a prominent PK booster that delivers fantastic results. High quality bio-stimulants used in Platinum are known to be effective in enhancing radical growth and transforming nutrients into a more readily available and easily absorbable form for the plant.

Platinum PK 9-18 Benefits:

  • Phosphorus and Potassium - increase the production of flowers
  • Sulfur - speeds up photosynthesis
  • Nitrogen - keeps plant health
  • Bio-stimulants - nourishes the root-zone microbes and fungi, reduces nutrient loss, breaks nutrients to improve the absorption of all essential elements

NPK: 2.6%; 9%; 18%.

How to use during flowering:

Hydro and Coco

Week 4: 4ml for 10L of water
Week 5: 5ml for 10L of water
Week 6: 6ml for 10L of water
Week 7: 7ml for 10l of water


Week 4: 3ml for 10L of water
Week 5: 4ml for 10L of water
Week 6: 5ml for 10L of water
Week 7: 7ml for 10L of water

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Plant Magic - Platinum PK 9-18 120ml - € 8,75
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