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Plant Magic - Oldtimer Granules is a rodigious root stimulator that increases the radical mass up to 700% and improves tolerance to disease and stress.
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Prodigious root stimulator

Plant Magic - Oldtimer Granules is a prominent root stimulator that increases radical mass up to 700% and improves tolerance to disease and stress. It consists of Micorriza, bio-stimulants and over 20 microorganism strains. Adding 20 grams (about one tablespoon) to 10 liter of soil mix will create a rich micro life in the soil, useful for improving radical growth, resistance to illness and tolerance stress, cold, heat and drought. To maximize the power of granules, enter water with VEG BOOST to 1.5 ml per liter.


Improves roots growth (up to 700% in mass)
Increases tolerance to disease and stress
Provides a beneficial micro-population
Improves availability and absorption of nutrients
It reduces the risk of pathogens
It promotes nitrogen fixings

How to use:

Spray: Spray a plenty dose of Granules in the prepared accommodation

Grains: About 20g per 10L of soil

Others formats:

Plant Magic - Oldtimer Granules 350g - € 16,50
Plant Magic - Oldtimer Granules 700g - € 30,50
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