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Plant Magic - Flush, gives the ultimate injecting to have an unmatched yield and removes the nutrients before harvesting.
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The final cue before the harvest

Plant Magic Flush provides the ultimate thrust to get unmatched yield and removes nutrients before harvesting. Plant Magic Flush removes unused nutrients and residues of your plant leaving a natural and sweet taste. It also contains hormones that encourage the plant to finish ripening. Used as indicated, Plant Magic Flush will make plants ready for harvesting with a much higher quality.


Fertilizer CE: fertilizer solution NPK
Nitrogen total (N) 3.8%
Nitric nitrogen 3.8%
Phosphorous Pentoxide Water-soluble (P2O5) 4.1%
Potassium Oxide Water Soluble (K2O) 7.1%
NPK: 3.8; 4.1; 7.1

How to use:

Shake well before use
Add 2.5ml per liter of water up to 10 days before harvest
Mix well before application
7 days before the harvest add to the 5ml reservoir per liter.
2 days before the harvest, exchange the tank with a clean water solution! DO NOT adjust the pH until harvesting

Others formats:

Plant Magic - Flush - 1L - € 11,99
Plant Magic - Flush - 5L - € 44,90
Manufacturer Plant Magic
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