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Years of research have lead to the creation of this truly revolutionary plant wash. Apply Mighty Wash directly to the top and bottom of the leaves of your plant until the plant is fully saturated. Mig...
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Insect and Spider Mite Control - Foliage Cleaner Solution by NPK Industries

Mighty Wash cleans plants leaving them vibrant and healthy the way they were meant to be in nature. Clean, healthy plants thrive indoors just as they have for the millions of years they evolved outdoors, where they utilized all the elements of nature including the frequencies of light, colour and sounds. Wash your plants with Mighty Wash by giving them a thorough saturating spray to both the top and bottom of the leaves. Mighty Wash can be used throughout your plants entire growing and flowering cycle, up to and including the day of harvest.


"The cleanest solution for spider mites.” Mighty Wash is a NEW revolutionary way to solve your plant problems:

  • Mighty Wash is a ready-to-use proprietary formula. 
  • It may be used throughout the grow and bloom cycle.
  • Mighty Wash is a new revolutionary way to solve your spider mite problem in all stages of development from eggs to adults.
  • Mighty Wash is truly effective solution to your spider mite problem.

Directions for use

Ready to use — do NOT dilute. Spray Mighty Wash on fruits, vegetables, foliage and flowers. May be used on indoor, outdoor and greenhouse grown plants.

Saturate top and bottom of leaves (entire plant or garden) in order to achieve best results. Do NOT apply in temperatures above 32°C or below 1°C.

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