Indoor Aeroponic Kit 250w - PRO



This Aero Kit 250W - PRO is perfect for everyone who wants to test a growing experience as a real professional grower. The Aeroponic Growings are always more successful because of the result they give...

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A professional kit to grow with quality equipment

The Aeroponic Kit 250W - PRO is complete with all the necessary to better start this technique with professional products among the best on the market.
This 250W Growing Aeroponic Kit is one of the favourite from all the growers who start for the first time this cultivation technique for the quality of the tools you find inside as well as for its convenience and simplicity.

Just the Best Crop

The aeroponic cultivation guarantees the best results, it is a technique that involves the growth of indoor plants without soil need to support and nourish the roots. These latter are located in direct contact with the air while the plant is straight from net vessels containing expanded clay or rock wool as inert substrate. To absorb the nutrients from the roots, a nutrient solution is sprayed through tiny ducts called "capillaries" which can be operated with an automatic timer. The nutrient solution consists of enriched water with natural fertilizers and dosed carefully to ensure the right amount of trace elements that allow the plants to grow lush and strong.

Flowering and Growth in a Brief Time

Getting great results with our 250w Kit for Aeroponic Growing is easier. The fast development in aeroponics is due to the direct contact of bare roots with the oxygen, the micro-elements contained in the fertilizers are absorbed in a more complete way compared to the other techniques like hydroponics, soil or coco fiber. This leads to a growth increase. flowering and fruiting of the plant.

The aeroponic cultivation presents the following advantages:

  • Because of being closed, the environment allows the plants to reduce the chances of contracting infest pathogens;
  • With this technique, there is a considerable amount of oxygen in the root system;
  • Great savings of fertilizers and water which in each case is extracted from the bottom of the tank and recirculated in the system.

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