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BioWorm GHE is an Excellent all-purpose Soil Enhancer, Rich in Microorganisms, and Microelements that Suffered no Alteration or Chemical Additions.
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Excellent Soil Bio-Enhancer

BioWorm, General Organics (GHE) excels when used as a foliar spray, but it is also an excellent all-purpose soil enhancer, rich in microorganisms, and microelements that suffered no alteration or chemical additions. It nurtures plants and soil at the same time, and stimulates microbial activity. Also, the enzymes in the worm’s digestive system kill potential pathogens, giving to the product a natural protective effect, when applied on plant foliage.

To enrich soil and protect your leaves

BioWorm contains minerals and microelements available for immediate absorption, as well as bacteria (Minimum 100,000 CFU/ml) and fungi. The microbes in BioWorm work like a catalyst to get more mileage from fertilizers by improving nutrient uptake, without burning plants or damaging roots.

BioWorm GHE maximizes growth, promotes vigorous root development, dense foliage, powerful flowering, and protects your plants against fungal diseases.

  • Rich in nitrogen fixing bacteria. Contains more than 60 minerals and nutritive elements.
  • Protects roots and reduces transplant shock. Kick-starts sprouting and germination.
  • Encourages cell division and strengthens the natural defence mechanism.
  • Helps fight common disease and fungal infections.
  • Raises soil fertility, improves its physical, chemical, and biological properties.
  • Harmless to pets and children: non toxic, non-polluting, odour free.

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