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Floramato is a one-part concentrated dry nutrient designed for long-term flowering crops.
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For soil and hydroponics - Enhance flavors, increase yields

Floramato GHE is a one-part concentrated dry nutrient designed for long-term flowering crops.

Like all other GH nutrients, it is pH balanced, so you don’t have to chase the pH up and down like other company’s fertilizers. For heavy-flowering crops like like tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers over a long cycle, FloraMato is an excellent plant nutrient. FloraMato - mixed with FloraMicro - provides a complete blend of the essential minerals needed by continuously producing plants like tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, beans, melons, strawberries, etc..

  • FloraMato is a unique combination of primary and secondary elements with stabilized pH
  • Designed for hydroponics, FloraMato is particularly efficient for fertigation

FloraMato application:


Cuttings and seedlings:

FloraMicro = 1 ml/L and FloraMato = 1 ml/L, with EC = 0,85

Hungry plants:

FloraMicro = 2 ml/L and FloraMato = 3 ml/L, with EC = 1,6

Very demanding plants:

FloraMicro = 3 ml/L and FloraMato = 4 ml/L, with EC = 2,10

In soil use 1/2 concentration, every watering

Others formats:

FloraMato - GHE - 500ml - € 6,50
GHE - FloraMato 1L - € 10,70
GHE - FloraMato 5L - € 35,90

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