Indoor Aeroponic Kit 150w + Grow Box - BASIC



For growing in aeroponics without loosing lots of time to choose the components to mix out. This kit is already ready and selected from our skilled growers. The best choice for indoor growing.
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For growing every kind of seedling, the perfect system for autoflowerings

This Aeroponic Kit 150w is really complete and includes even a grow box.

Inside you can find everything you need to grow in aeroponics: from aeroponic systems to the aeration one, fertilizers, indoor lighting and necessary accessories needed to monitor the values of nutrient solutions,
timer to mechanize systems, cubes for seed germination and instructions.

Selected from our Experts of Indoor Growing

It is too easy to get better results by using this 150w indoor aeroponic kit. The fast development of the plants in aeroponics is due to the direct contact of bare roots with the oxygen, the macro and micro-elements inside the nutrients are absorbed in a more complete and rapid way compared to techniques like soil or hydroponics. This implies a growth increase, strength, flowering and fruiting of the plants.

The Aeroponic Cultivation presents the following advantages:

  • Because of being closed, the environment allows the plants to reduce the chances of contracting infest pathogens;
  • With this technique, there is a considerable amount of oxygen in the root system;
  • Great savings of fertilizers and water which in each case is taken back from the bottom of the tank and recirculated in the system.

Bigger Plants and Richer in Flowers

The Aeroponic Growing is very efficient, it is a technique which involves the growth of indoor plants without soil need to support and nourish the roots. These latter are located in direct contact with the air while the plant is straight from net vessels containing expanded clay or rock wool as inert substrate. To absorb the nutrients from the roots, a nutrient solution si sprayed through tiny ducts called "capillaries" which can be operated with an automatic timer. The nutrient solution consists of enriched water with natural fertilizers and carefully dosed to ensure the right amount of trace elements that allow the plants to
grow strong and lush.

The "Indoor Aeroponic Kit 150w + Grow Box - BASIC" includes:

Cultibox Light 60x60x140cm - Grow Box

Cultibox Light 60x60x140cm for Indoor Cultivation. To Keep an Higher Reflection of the Indoor Lamp this Grow Room is Coated in Mylar.

Easy Kit 150W HPS + Sonlight HPS-TS 150W

These light systems represent the best value grow light currently available. With the outstanding CE and ENEC marked, there is no other light system available for this price that meets the same standards of quality and safety. Using exactly the same grow lamps as every other light system we supply, these systems give you the same intense lumen output for a highly reduced cost!There really is no cheaper way of getting this much valuable light to your plants. 12 month limited warranty.

Segmental Timer STEP 15min

Budget Plug in Timer Switch - 24 Hour - Segmented Dial.(15 minute segments)

AeroFarm 3"

Try aero-hydroponics now! The first – and most economical – of all aero-hydroponic systems.

Segmental Timer STEP 15min

Budget Plug in Timer Switch - 24 Hour - Segmented Dial.(15 minute segments)

ADV Nutrients - pH Perfect Pack (Grow, Micro, Bloom)

Advanced Nutrients PH perfect - Grow, Micro and Bloom (GMB) 1L. A Three-component for feeding the plants during the Growth and Flowering Stage. It contains a special formula which automatically corrects the pH of your nutrient solution.

Generic pH- 1L

Generic pH- contains Phosphoric acid to reduce the pH value of the nutrient solution during the flowering period.Our pH adjustment solutions are specially prepared for use in hydroponics. They are extremely concentrated and care should be taken when in use. Please pay special attention whilst handling these products as they can be hazardous if used incorrectly.

PH Test Kit Liquid 20ml - PRO

The pH test indicator is perfect for easy pH level testing, covering a wide range, from 4.0 to 8.5.Simply fill the test-tube supplied halfway with nutrient solution, add 3 drops of pH Test Indicator, shake and observe the resulting colour. Compare with the colour chart to check your pH level.Very reliable, simple to use and cheap, the pH test kit advantageously replaces the expensive digital pH meters.Good for a minimum of 200 tests per kit.

In-line Extractor fan BLAUBERG TUBO-10cm 137m³/h

In-line Extractor fan TUBO-100

Atami rockwool 4x4cm 1 pcs (10 pz.)

Atami Agro Rockwool Cubes - 40mmAtami Agro Rockwool, high quality Rockwool, a leading product in the Worlds commercial and hobby grow market. Atami Agro Rockwool has a higher density than alternative brands and makes an ideal media for most Hydroponic and aeroponic applications.Atami Agro Rockwool Cubes are supplied in convenient sheets. Recommended for starting seeds and cuttings, the cubes are then transferred as needed to Atami Agro Rockwool Blocks or any traditional medium.

Chilli Salt and Chilli Dressing (10 pz.)

Customize your own indoor growing kit

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