Atami Bloombastic (100 ml)

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The Bloombastic formula by Atami is a mineral plant food for flowering stages that contains minerals in combination with stimulants to create a one of a kind nutrient specifically designed for bloomi...

Bloom Organic

Mineral plant food indicated for the last 4-6 week of blooming.

The plant food Bloombastic by Atami is maybe one of the best plant food for blooming. The perfect solution for the last 4-6 weeks of flowering. Is a liquid and very concentrated plant food, a mineral fertilizer for use in flowering stages:

  • Atami products are a quality choice for professional results;
  • Organic fertilizer for use in flowering stages rich in phosphorus and potassium;
  • Bloombastic is a plant food liquid and very concentrated;
  • Usable on all grow mediums.

About Atami Bloombastic

Bloombastic is a perfect plant fertilizer indicated for the last 4-6 weeks of flowering. Its special formula is rich in potassium and phosphorus and increasing sugar production which vastly increases production and quality in the final result. It can be used in every kind of grow systems. Shake well before use.
Content: Potassium Phosphate, Potassium Hydroxide, Phosphoric Acid, Iron EDTA, Phosphorus Pent oxide and Clay mineral.

This plant food is available in 2 other size:

Product recommended dosage

Using Bloombastic you have to follow these recommendations:

  • In 1 Liter of water put 1 ml of this nutrient;
  • In 5 Liters of water put 5 mlt;
  • In 10 Liters of water put 10 ml.

Warning: Store at room temperature.