Air Extraction Kit + Anti Odor Carbon Filter Ø 12,5CM - 280 m3/h Capacity
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Air Extraction Kit 12,5 cm is suitable for every environment that requires air replacement and filtration from unwanted odors. The kit includes: Blauberg Extractor, Activated Carbon Filter, Flexible C...

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Complete Kit for the Air Treatment with Anti Odor-Filters

12,5cm diameter Air Kit for the intake or exhaust air extraction for any environment that requires air replacement and filtration from unwanted odors (ideal for all indoor grow rooms).

Our kits are complete with bi-turbo and pre-wired air extractor, active anti-odor carbon filter, and aluminum flexible conduct with screw clips for the attachment.

This suction kit allows you to control the temperature, humidity and unwanted odors in your domestic growing area. Checking these standards is crucial for a successful indoor growing. The vacuum cleaner emits a vortex that extracts odors, smoke and hot air from the grow room working with low power consumption and a minimum level of decibels.

Choose the best air kit for you

In this air extraction kit you'll find all the necessary accessories for the treatment in the grow room with the availability of different kits having a different extraction capacity, depending on your needs.

The Air Kit with the 10cm flexible duct is suitable for small grow boxes, the one sized 12,5cm is suitable for medium-sized grow boxes, the 15cm for big ones and cellars too, while the 20-25cm for more demanding grow rooms.

Choose the kit depending on your needs! Or find outhow to choose the right vacuum cleaner.