Mammoth Classic100 + - 100x100x200cm - Grow Box
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Mammoth Classic100 + 100x100x200 is a grow box designed to create a completely isolated environment from the outside where they can grow up their own indoor growing. Covered with a material of a high ...

Grow Box 100x100x200 cm for high quality indoor growing

The growrooms Mammoth Classic100 + are designed for people who are looking for economical products with competitive prices but who don't want to give up their quality.


Easily Built Plant Tents

The Mammoth GrowrRoom are easily assembled small grow tents and need only few minutes for the preparation, you don't need to go back to the tool usage. The inner covering assures the maximal light reflection while the outer layer prevents the light transfer. There are some supports inside for maintaining the lighting system, aspirators and smell treatment filter or measuring tools. The air replacement is guaranteed from the aspirator holes as well as the sider net openings for the passive ventilation.

Economical and high quality indoor growing tent

  • Covered with a high diffusion coefficient material mylar 600D SILVER (CRX 95%)
  • Metal framework and plastic corners
  • Provided with air-intake for the aspirator and introducer as well as net surfaces aimed at the natural ventilation
  • Suitable for the small plants growing as well as for their maintenance

Technical Details and Mammoth Classic100 measures

  • Metal framework 19mm
  • Entrance air-intake: 1x up to 203mm
  • Exit air-intake 1x up to 203mm
  • Filter holder bands included: 2pieces
  • Material: 600D Mylar
  • Volume: 1.80 m³
  • Waterproof tray: included
 Recommended lamps
Recommended aspirators:
  • Extraction 200-250 mc/h
  • Induction 150-200 mc/h