Advanced Nutrients - Final Phase 250ML

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It removes the chemical residue and the accumulation of substances and mineral salts in the substrate to give a flavor and better value to your crop. Essential if many fertilizers are used in your cul...

A good crop needs a good flush

Final Phase by Advanced Nutrients is a nutrient designed for the last stage of flowering, to help the cleaning of accumulated nutrients in flowers and leaves.

It is a product of a high profile and is one of those products called Flusher, whose function is to clean the soil and plant tissues from all those nutrients that can be accumulated during months of rich fertilization.

It helps to avoid unpleasant surprises that a fertilizer can make, in terms of taste and flavor.

It ensures a proper flush without damaging flowers and fruits

Final Phase ensures a safe rinsing without damaging the roots, the texture and flowers or fruits of your favorite plants. Actually, it is the only formula on the market that guarantees a safe "exhaust" of the nutrient excess. The tests done in the lab of Advanced Nutrients show that it doesn't cause any loss on the crop, on the contrary, they present a slight improvement after using Final Phase. The other exhaust formulas do not have a sufficient range of chelates free flow to remove all substances present in crops.

Final Phase Advantages

  • It improves the taste
  • Enhances the flavor
  • Enhances the properties of the plants
  • Safe cleaning of the substrate and plants

TYPE OF GROWING: Suitable for all types of cultivation: hydroponics, aeroponics, soil, coconut, bio, etc ...

DOSAGE AND DIRECTIONS: From 4 to 10 days before the harvest. 2 ml per liter of water.

Size: 250ML