Advanced Nutrients - BIG BUD 250ML

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Big Bud is a big size booster for the flowering of the Advanced Nutrients. It helps the plants breathe, metabolize and produce bigger and solid flowers. ...


Final Flowering Booster: big flowers with strong flavors

Bug Bud 250 ml of the Advanced Nutrients is a Bloom Booster for the last flowering stages.

This stimulator provides the right kind of nutrition to ensure superior performance and high quality. Advanced Nutrients has done many years of research. Their knowledge and passion for this work has produced unprecedented nutrients that substantially increase the yield, growth and energy of the plants.

Big Bud has been extensively researched, developed and tested in the field, it will dramatically increase the growth and the width of the flower like no other product. Big Bud has been designed by Dr. Hornby,
one of the world's leading authorities of fertilizers and amino acids of plants for big returns.


Almost all flowering stimulators and boosters provide a higher dose of phosphorus and potassium, almost twice as much as Big Bud, but this is useless if the absorption capacity of the plant will not allow it,
unlike the other Big Bud provides the right amount of potassium (K) and phosphorus (P) to the plants in order to facilitate a more luxuriant flowering and regular light absorption, promoting the plant breathing and allowing it to properly metabolize the nutrients. The result is guaranteed!

BIG BUD Bloom Booster Advantages:

  • Wide and dense flowers
  • Increased production of resins and oils on flowers
  • Increase of terpenoids, phenols and other power factors
  • More intense flavors
  • exalting of the flavors

DIFFICULTY LEVEL: beginner farmers, advanced and professional

TYPE OF GROWING: Suitable for all types of cultivation: hydroponics, aeroponics, soil, coconut, bio

USE: Breaking stages of flowering, use 2 ml per liter during weeks from 2 up to 4 of the flowering stage.

Size: 250 ML