Cultibox Light 60x60x140cm - Grow Box

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Cultibox Light 60x60x140cm for Indoor Cultivation. To Keep an Higher Reflection of the Indoor Lamp this Grow Room is Coated in Mylar....

One of the best price/quality ratio

Cultibox Light 60x60x140cm it's a grow room for indoor growing in hydroponics or in soil. The set-up  is very easy and it takes only 15 minutes. This grow box has an excellent quality price ratio and it's structure is made of stainless steel.

Features of this grow tent

The Cultibox is Entirely Coated in Diamond Mylar to Get Always the Best Light Reflection for Your Indoor Cultivation. Your Plants will grow stronger and healthier:

  • Mylar cultivation chamber increase light intensity inside the enclosure thanks to its thickness
  • Its structure is made in stainless steel.
  • It supports up to 25kg for the grow lamp kit and the air extraction systems
  • it has ermetic closure
  • easy setup: about 15 minutes