Co2 Exhale HomeGrown - 100% Natural Carbon Dioxide

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CO2 Exhale HomeGrown Co2, Natural Carbon Dioxide For Plants. It Contains a Mass Of Mycelium That Integrates Co2 Without Maintenance, It Lasts 6 Months....

The Only Solution To Integrate Natural Carbon Dioxide Into Your Grow Box - 100% Natural

A 100% Natural Carbon Dioxide Reserve For Your Plants

Exhale HomeGrown Co2 bag it's a revolutionary solution to integrate co2 into your grow tents in a 100% natural way. This bag contains a Mass of Mycelium that standing into your grow tents , and without any maintenance, integrates the right quantity of co2 to grow plants for incredible yeld.

How Co2 Exhale Homegrown Works

Exhale Bag has little holes on its surface and through them passes the co2 generated by the mycelium mass, letting plants do the photosynthesis.
This Bag don't need any kind of maintenance, it tooks only to put the bag above your cultivation, letting the co2 goes on your plants (because co2 is heavier than o2).

More Informations

A bag is indicated for 5 plants into small or medium grow tents. One bag lasts about 6 months.

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