Wilma XL 4 Nutriculture - Hydroponics Systems

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Wilma Xl 4 By Nutriculture Is The Perfect Solution For Pro Growers Who Are Looking For An Easy And Self-Controlled Hydroponic System....

Perfect for a pro grower! A very simple dwc system to grow your plants in hydroponics.

About Nutriculture Wilma XL 4 

Wilma XL 4 Nutriculture it's an easy and automatic way to grow plants. This DWC hydroponic system is the choice of who are searching for the best result with the minimum effort.


The dimensions of this product are:

  • Tank volume = 75 litres
  • Dimensions = 900mm x 900mm x 220mm (complete without pots)
  • Tank Dimensions = 870mm x 870mm x 220mm
  • Tray dimensions = 900mm x 900mm x 80mm
  • Pot locator dimensions = 265mm x 265mm
  • Base of 25ltr pot = 255mm x 255mm