Xtreme Gardening - Once & Done (3 sachets)



Xtreme Gardening Once & Done is a set of 3 biodegradable bags ready and easy to use, just put them in the soil and it's done. It improves the root system due to the effect of pure mycorrhiza as well.
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Biodegradable sachets to put in the soil

Xtreme Gardening Once and Done is a set of 3 sachets of 9 grams each (27 grams per pack) ready to use, biodegradable, to put in the soil.

Biodegradable bags easy to use

Once & Done is an effective and easy means to feed new cuttings or transplanted seedlings. Add in a hole in the soil and fill with water. It is that simple. The only combination of Once & Done is a slow-release organic and natural fertilizer that gives plants the ability to take care of themselves and provides all the nutrients needed for an abundant and productive growth.

Manufacturer Xtreme Gardening
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